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Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece, tourism is the best product of the country. Sun, beaches, attractive accommodation, prices and attractions in a breathtaking combination. At affordable prices you can visit coastal or mountainous areas, hotels, apartments or villas. It`s no coincidence that millions of visitors each year flock to Greece for their holidays.

Greece offers a panorama of famous islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and mainland destinations as Meteora, Athens (Acropolis), Delphi, etc. Greece, with crystal clear beaches, rich history, traditional hospitality and attractive prices, waiting for your vacation fun and memorable by offering a guaranteed pleasure.

10 reasons to spend your holidays in Greece

1. Location, the southernmost country in Europe, with more sunshine.

2. The coastline, vast, awarded with blue flags 379 in 2012, has more than 10% of awarded beaches in the whole world in 46 countries.

3. The history, the oldest civilization in Europe (Minoan) and blossoming rich history of classical Greece and Byzantine history.

4. The diet, where apart from the wonderful recipes and products in areas, Greece is the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, the healthier today.

5. The hospitality of the Greeks, with roots in ancient Greece, where Zeus Xenios meant Hospitable Zeus. The smile and the mood of the people will gain you.

6. Historic attractions such as museums, archaeological sites and monuments of world value.

7. Activities that in the mountainous landscapes, or long coastlines, such as climbing, hiking trails, hot springs, spa, water sports etc.

8. Quality accommodation, which rose after the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. The combination of price and quality brought to Greece.

9. The natural environment, consisting of a large crowd (6,000) of islets to the snowy mountains in mainland Greece.

10. The quality of life, Greece is a developed country that maintains the stability and prosperity, a better place in 30 countries in quality of life.

All these, among others, gave a small country like Greece a possition in the top 15 in popularirty, as a destination in tourist arrivals.